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For information, call: Alan Weiss @ (775) 786-2333 or

Since 1989, the year-round Lakeridge Swim Lesson program has successfully taught several thousand youngsters one of the most basic and vital of life skills, how to swim. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, fatal drownings are the second leading cause of accidental death to children ages 1-14 annually and this is a statistic we take very seriously at Lakeridge. From water safety to preparation for Lakeridge’s Stroke Class and competitive team, the swim lesson program has been home to beginners of all ages, many of whom have gone on to compete for Lakeridge Swim Team.


During the school year, lessons are available on Tuesdays & Thursdays, late afternoons & evenings .Lessons are also available throughout the day Mon/Wed or Tue/Thu during the summer. Please call Alan Weiss @ 786-2333 to sign up.

Private: Children, 20 Minutes, $17/Lesson; Adult, 30 Minutes, $30/Lesson

For beginning swimmers of all ages, as well as slightly more experienced swimmers who may respond especially well to individual attention
Semi - Private, 2-3 students (30 Minutes) $15/lesson
Group, 4-6 students (30 minutes) $12/lesson
(minimum age 6)

Stroke Class (45 minutes) $50/month - $35/month with sibling on Lakeridge Swim Team
For swimmers who can swim the freestyle comfortably with side-breathing, have a basic understanding of the other three competitive strokes (butterfly, backstroke, & breaststroke), and would like to become stronger and more efficient in the water, the best preparation for Lakeridge Swim Team.

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