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Sharon Weiss, PhD, Head Coach began coaching Lakeridge Swim Team in the spring of 1989. Since that first season, with 15 seasonal and novice swimmers practicing four times per week, she has been witness to and part of an evolution of a very special USA Swimming program, one rich with fast swimming, family, and friends. The journey to now, however, has several points of origin, one of which is in 1971, when she joined a local AAU team in southern California. An amazing age group experience on Aquarius Swim Team in Southern California Swimming during the 70's in American Swimming is one of the things that brought her to Lakeridge and keeps her loving what she does. Junior Nationals in '77 & '78, US Nationals in '79, and US Olympic Trials in '80 & '84 (breaststroke and IM) are highlights amidst many wonderful memories in swimming, including early mornings, races without goggles, nylon suits, 'triples', and meets without electronic timing - only cards you pick up at the clerk of course and give to your timer. Swimming as a full scholarship NCAA Division I student-athlete for the University of Arizona from 1980-1984 was an honor, a gift, and tons of fun. Competing in the AIAW (Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women, chiefly responsible for promoting and advancing women's collegiate athletics prior to their acceptance into the NCAA) National Championships in 1981, then the first-ever NCAA Division I Championship for women in 1982 and '84, as well as serving as Women's Team Captain from '82-'84 rounded out a rewarding swimming experience, one that resulted in a lifelong love of and participation in swimming, as a coach, a swimming parent, and a masters swimmer. US Master's National Champion titles in 1994, 1997, and 2001 in breaststroke events made going off the blocks as a 'grown up' especially fun, but mostly, swimming masters has brought more fun, more friends for life, and a richer perspective about what it means to be a swimmer and a person.

Other origins include a longtime interest in studying, understanding, and appreciating Human Development, Psychology, and Sociology. An undergraduate degree in Psychology, minor in Sociology (University of Arizona, 1985), a master's degree in Psychology (Pepperdine University, 1990), and a doctoral degree in Counseling and Educational Psychology (UNR, 2010), combined with a love of sport, have made working with children and young adults a natural fit. In 2009-2010, this combination of psychology and sport was the impetus for her doctoral dissertation study, entitled Self-Esteem and Actual, Reflected, and Self-Appraisals of Swimmers in Early Adolescents. With the help of USA Swimming, Swimming World Magazine, and USA Swimming teams from 23 states, a sample of swimmers (ages 12-15) participated in a study, along with their parents and coaches, examining self-esteem and ideas about scholastic & athletic ability and physical appearance. With the expertise of Senior Coach and web designer Nenad Rodic and the wisdom of theorists, researchers, teachers, philosophers, mathematicians, and statisticians, Weiss departed from conventional paper-and-pencil research methods and conducted the study online. The results were consistent with more traditional methods of research, which offered support for both the reliability of the measures used and the potential benefits of internet research in the social sciences. More importantly, the results highlighted the intricate relationship between evaluations of others and the development of individuals' self-perceptions regarding their own competence/adequacy in various domains (e.g., athletic ability) and their self-esteem. Specifically, this research supports previous findings that link self-knowledge and self-esteem. Self-knowledge refers to our ideas about ourselves, some of which come from our observations of how others react and respond to us, whereas self-esteem refers in part to how we feel about these ideas, or our self-worth. When self-knowledge is uncertain or unstable, we often observe a lower level of self-esteem, and this appears to be the case for swimmers in USA Swimming and the general population alike. A full report of this study will be available in 2012.

These origins, along with raising a family in swimming and almost 25 years of coaching, have resulted in a very simple philosophy for Weiss: regardless of ability, there is something for everyone in the sport of swimming. Happy swimming careers come in many forms and variant lengths of time. Swimming offers people of all ages an opportunity to figure out how to move swiftly through water, but in the meantime, it also provides a rich social and engaging environment, with people working together, breathing & laughing together, and learning about themselves, others, and the world together. At it's best, swimming facilitates positive human growth & development, not to mention a healthy lifestyle, friendships, time with family, and fun. The friends we make in swimming are often our best friends, our friends for life. For Weiss, coaching is as much about raising children as it is about imparting the art and science of swimming. For this and many other reasons, including a focus on continuity within our program, Weiss works with all training groups, including the Stroke Class, on a weekly basis.

This philosophy has been shaped and bolstered by a knowledgeable and awesome staff, great kids, and dedicated families since 1989. In the past two decades, Lakeridge has been home to countless age group swimmers who have grown up in a positive environment and a great sport. Lakeridge swimmers have learned proper stroke technique, training habits, nutrition, a strong work ethic, time management (i.e. academic achievement, other activities, etc.), and self-discipline. At the same time, they have enjoyed many personally rewarding and meaningful experiences, best times, and fun with friends who remain friends long after their towels have finally dried. Lakeridge swimmers have also been Nevada State Champions and Record Holders; Nevada High School State Champions and Record Holders; JO, Far Western, and Western Zone Champions and Record Holders; Sectionals, Junior, and National qualifiers and finalists; Olympic Trials Qualifiers; Scholastic All-Americans; academic and athletic college scholarship recipients; and NCAA Division I, II, and III competitors. Lakeridge alumni are teachers, artists, engineers, lawyers, policemen, triathletes, coaches, professional athletes, photographers, entrepreneurs, grad students, doctors, scientists, business people, and parents.

Sharon Weiss



Nenad Rodic, Senior Coach, works primarily with the Gold group. Rodic was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, where he also began his path to Lakeridge Swim Team at the age of seven. By 1993, Nenad was the Yugoslav National Record Holder in the 100m Backstroke, as well as a member of the Yugoslav National Team and a competitor at the World University Games. After winning the Yugoslav National Triathlon Championship that year, he came to the US "in search of better conditions for (his) development as a triathlete". Here in the US, Nenad earned pro status with USA Triathlon, won numerous triathlon competitions, and continued to compete in Master's swimming here in Reno, winning a USMS Masters National Championship title in the 1,650 Free in 1997. These days, when not coaching Lakeridge Swim Team, Sierra Nevada Masters, or his myriad of triathletes, he can often be sited on a bicycle, as he remains active, primarily fostering his longtime interest and passion for cycling. Nenad is also the sole proprietor of Northern Nevada Web Design Services and he enjoys classical music, film, philosophy, physics, math, and good food.

Since 1997, Lakeridge Swim Team has been strengthened by Rodic's strong background in physiology, appreciation for work ethic, and uncomplicated style. As Albert Einstein said, "make everything as simple as possible, and no simpler". In this vein, Nenad's coaching is based on fundamental principles of training that have proven successful in swimming for decades. He sticks to what he knows, educates himself about what he has yet to know, and does not waste time with what he believes doesn't work. He offers a balanced approach, one that results in an appropriate workload for developing age group swimmers. In other words, his approach fosters the natural and gradual development of each athlete, free from over training, coercion, or forcing progress. Further, Nenad's no-nonsense and honest approach with his swimmers includes clear communication about ability, performance, and areas of strength and weakness. Similarly, he uses praise of his athletes sparingly, as he believes that an over-exuberance of applause diminishes the value of true excellence. This aspect of Nenad's style is not only effective, but is supported by a substantial body of literature on self-esteem that suggests the futility of empty praise of children. Lakeridge has also been strengthened by Nenad's latest contribution: the introduction of triathlon into our program. The integral role he plays in training our triathletes has added a depth and mutual benefit for swimmers and triathletes alike. Finally, in light of the central function of American college swimming in terms of goals and educational opportunities for swimmers, from Lakeridge and throughout the world, Nenad would like to see a more mutually compatible relationship between the NCAA and the world of swimming, specifically in terms of shifting focus to long course, post graduate training support, etc.



Nikola Savcic, Age Group Coach joined us at Lakeridge in 2001. He too was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. He started swimmming at the age of 10. He was a member of the Yugoslav Swimming National Team and was the National Record Holder in breaststroke events from 1990 until 2001. As a member of the national team, he took part in lots of international swimming events, including the Olympic Games in Sydney (2000), World Swimming Championships, World University Games, and lots more. In 2001, he decided to make a change in his life and come to the United States to continue his swimming career, coach, and even train occasionally. As part of the Lakeridge Swim Team and Lesson staff, Nik works with the Silver, Bronze, and Stroke Class groups. He also represents Lakeridge as a swimmer, and Sierra Nevada Masters team as a masters swimmer because "swimming is the first thing (not counting chocolate!) that brings happiness to (his) life". Nikola also loves working with animals and currently when he is not on deck with the swimmers, he works as a veterinary technician in an animal hospital here in Reno. Besides swimming, he likes talking, reading, watching movies, eating, and dancing.




Raquel Teran-Sanchez

Born in Reno Nevada, Raquel began her competitive swimming career at the age of 5. She graduated from the University of Nevada Reno in 2014 with a degree in Health Science and is currently working on a nursing degree. During her four years at the University of Nevada she was part of the women's swimming and diving team. She originally started off as a walk on and by the end of her career she had not only received a scholarship, but had become the team captain and one of the top 10 fastest butterflyers in school history. Raquel has been a part of the Lakeridge program since 2012 and works primarily with the Stroke Class, Bronze, and Silver Groups. When asked about the most important life lesson she took from swimming, Teran-Sanchez had this to say, "I think for me it was learning how to set and achieve long term goals. Learning the whole process of putting in hard work every day and having to make sacrifices, especially learning how to handle failure & set backs before reaching that goal." It is this same focus and enthusiasm for swimming that Raquel brings with her to the pool every week.


Tyler Jourdonnais

The best thing I do all week is coach the Lakeridge Swim Team! Swimming and water polo have been a big part of my life and it is a privilege to give back to a sport I love. Lakeridge Swim Team has a culture of fun, respect and support to all swimmers and families. Lakeridge Swim Team is second to none.

I own a commercial real estate appraisal business and been engaged in this field since 1988 when I graduated from the University of Arizona. Since 1988 I have coached swimming and water polo at various times and places. For several years I also pursued a gemstone hobby that took me throughout Africa and Brazil. At one point I developed a web based business with a native family in Arusha, Tanzania sourcing, cutting and selling gems from all over Africa and Madigascar. These experiences, among other travels, have made me appreciate the life lessons swimming provided through my earlier years.

I grew up in Great Falls, Montana and have also resided in Portland, Oregon; Tucson, Arizona; Las Vegas, Nevada; Missoula, Montana; and now Reno, Nevada. Reno is the best place I have ever lived and I plan on always being a part of the Lakeridge swim community.

As a swimmer I competed in the 1984 U.S. Olympic Swimming Trials. In 1991 I was selected for a U.S. Olympic Festival water polo team and since played in several international masters tournaments. In 2000 I broke several masters swimming world records in the 35 - 39 age group. Today I maintain a daily workout routine with focus on diet and overall health.

Swimming is a sport for life and your swim family will never leave you. The sport teaches important lessons and instills discipline and metal/physical toughness as critical tools for navigating the journey called life. Thanks to my dear friend Sharon Weiss for being a huge part of this journey and accepting me as a part of the Lakeridge family.



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